Do you prefer the appearance of a hinged or a sliding wardrobe? Most studio apartment dwellers see a wardrobe as a storage unit for personal belongings, such as clothes and shoes. Therefore, they tend to settle for any wardrobe design as long as it can hold their belongings. However, sliding wardrobes are more advantageous than hinged designs in tight spaces. It might explain the growing popularity of sliding doors among studio apartment dwellers. This article highlights the key benefits of installing a sliding wardrobe in a studio apartment.

Maximise Space 

Notably, space is a luxury if you live in a studio apartment; hence, you must think carefully before adding anything to your apartment. Unfortunately, hinged wardrobes eat some of the space because they need enough room for the doors to swing open. It means that you cannot place anything in front of or beside a hinged wardrobe since it would block the doors' swing path. Conversely, a sliding wardrobe is built directly into the wall, allowing you to maximise a studio apartment's size. Furthermore, since the doors slide on a straight plane rather than swinging open, you do not have to worry about items like furniture getting in the way. Besides, you can add mirrors to wardrobe sliding doors to enhance the illusion of space.

Sleek Design 

Modern studio apartments are built with aesthetics in mind and not just functionality. While contemporary hinged-door wardrobes are beautiful and stylish, the simple act of swinging the doors open still gives them a traditional look. Conversely, installing a sliding wardrobe can add a stylish look to your apartment's interior. Since sliding wardrobe doors glide on tracks, they remain quiet when opening or closing, adding to their sleek style. However, it is not the case with hinged wardrobes since hinges squeal if not adequately lubricated. In addition, incorporating mirrors on the sliding panels gives a closet and your apartment a deluxe look.

Easy to Operate 

Of course, opening a hinged wardrobe is not hard, especially if the hinges are in good condition. However, you have to pull the doors and swing them open every time you use a wardrobe. In contrast, a sliding door wardrobe is the easiest to operate. For example, the high-quality sliding panels installed on concealed tracks only require you to push the door slightly. The delicate push is enough to make the sliding panels glide smoothly and quietly to one side.