Here are the most common mistakes new motel owners make when they furnish their premises.

They buy residential mattresses instead of commercial ones

Commercial mattresses are more expensive than residential ones. As such, a new motel owner who has probably poured most or all of their funds into this new enterprise and doesn't have much to spend on furnishing the premises might find the allure of these cheaper mattresses too tempting to resist. However, using residential mattresses in a commercial setting like a motel is usually a serious mistake. The reason for this is that in a motel, the beds are not just slept on at night. Guests will also sit on them during the day whilst they consume their room service orders, watch television and relax. When eating their room service breakfast and other meals on the beds, some of them will inevitably knock over their orange juice or spill jam on the bed. Children who are staying in the accommodation with their parents may also jump on the beds for fun, and guests may carelessly throw their heavy suitcases on top of the beds.

These actions don't cause as many problems in premises where the owners have commercial mattresses, as these mattresses are designed for the intense wear and tear that they are normally subjected to in places like hotels and motels. They are covered in tough materials that don't fray, even when people lie down on them during both the day and at night, and usually have a stain- and water-resistant coating that makes them easy to keep clean and free of mould. This is not the case with most residential mattresses, which are simply too fragile for this heavy usage and which will end up worn, stained, mouldy and lumpy in a matter of months if a motel owner puts them in their premises. This may result in this businessperson having to spend what should have been their profits on a dozen or so new commercial mattresses.

Learn more about commercial mattresses by contacting a supplier.

Buying dining tables that are too tall

Some new motel owners who have set up restaurants or breakfast buffets on their premises buy dining tables that are too tall. This is a mistake, as the guests of a motel may include, as mentioned above, children who are being taken on holiday by their parents, as well as wheelchair users. Tall dining tables may result in these individuals struggling to use their cutlery and sit comfortably, which could in turn make their dining experiences unpleasant. Tables that are on the lower side will be much easier for these people to dine at and will not have much of an effect on average-sized or tall people. Additionally, cutlery, dishware and glasses that get knocked off tables that are lower to the ground will be less likely to shatter than those that fall from a greater height. As such, motel owners who opt for these tables won't have to replace these things quite as often.