It's easy to get excited and rush the furnishing of a bedroom, leaving it a collection of seemingly random things that look good alone but messy together! You need to choose bedroom furniture carefully. So what are some furnishing ideas to make your bedroom the comfiest possible place?

Mattress and Frame

Despite it being incredibly hard to forget to buy a bed for your bedroom, there are some things to take into consideration before doing so. For example, as the first items you should buy, your mattress and your chosen bed frame will decide the look and style of your entire bedroom, so don't even think about choosing your combination before visualizing what your final bedroom layout will be like. Your bed, linens and frame are what people look at when they first enter a bedroom; so though you may get incredibly excited to take the first step in designing your bedroom, don't rush it; you'll regret it!

Bedside Table

Unless you like walking to your bed in a dark room, a bedside table is a must. However, most people make common mistakes when choosing a bedside table, so it's important not to buy the first one you see that looks interesting. For example, the ideal bedside table height should be somewhere between mattress level and a number of centimetres above mattress level, depending on your preferences, so buy your bedside table after your mattress and bed frame.

Ceiling Fan

Even if you already have reverse-cycle air conditioning vents in the room, ceiling fans are great for circulating air and adding to the uniqueness of the room. As the room you'll probably spend most of your time in, it's vital to have great air circulation. Not to mention, some modern fan designs are amazing and have come a long way since a few decades ago when all fans looked identical; it's definitely worth checking out.

Reading Chair

Perfect for sitting in after a hard day at work, in order to calm down and rest before moving to your bed, a cushioned reading chair is great to get you away from the television when you're not tired enough to lay down yet. Plus, for a cute, comfy, corner combo, find a bookshelf to place next to or behind the chair to help fill an empty corner.

Coffee Table and Chairs or a Couch

For when you and your partner want some alone time but aren't ready to hop in bed yet, a couch and a coffee table offer somewhere to sit and chat, drink some wine and have some snacks, all while in the privacy of your bedroom.