If you are considering moving to an off-grid caravan or trailer living options for a few months, then you may be looking at canopy options. Having a canopy can give you not only shade from the sun, but also it can give you a whole new outdoor living space or cover for entertaining. One of the options for a canvas trailer canopy is to have a retractable option, but you may not know the benefits of this option. Here are a few of the benefits you should consider.

Easy Transport

A misconception of retractable canvas trailer canopy options is how they work during transport. In fact, you may be thinking that a retractable option may be less secure than just using tie downs for a canvas tarp or rolling up the canvas and storing it. The truth is, tie downs can come loose causing you to not only lose the canvas trailer canopy, but to also have bolts and tie downs flying along the road and potentially injuring someone. A retractable option attaches directly to the trailer, usually by welded bolts, and keeps the canvas trailer canopy hidden away and safe during transport.

Less Space

If you use a traditional storage method for your canvas trailer canopy, that means you are likely rolling it up and unrolling it when you need it. This means finding a storage spot for it, and though it seems like that would not take up much room, when you have a smaller caravan or trailer you are already dealing with a small amount of space. A benefit to the retractable mounting option is that you have space to store it that is dedicated and not taking up room in your trailer or caravan. You also don't have to find a spot for the tie downs, which can get lost or easily misplaced during transport and during the tossing and bumping that a trailer goes through on bumpy and uneven terrain.

Variety of Mounting Placements

For some the real benefit of having a retractable canvas trailer canopy is the ability to place that retractable mounting anywhere they like. This allows you to customize the mount, the placement, and how your canvas trailer canopy functions. For example, if you want to use this as a cover for a cooking area, then you can place it higher on the trailer and have it retract only a certain amount of feet. If you want to use it as a living or entertaining space cover, then you can have a longer retractable length and use it in that way. With a traditional canvas trailer canopy you would either have to work with one larger size to fit your needs, or have several sizes to fit your needs.

For more benefits and to see options available for your specific trailer or caravan, visit your local trailer and caravan lot. They can give price estimates as well as show you options and get your trailer fitted for the option you choose.