If you're about to buy a gas or charcoal barbeque grill for the first time, you will probably need to invest in some accessories to maximise your grilling experience. So to help you understand what accessories are most beneficial, here's a breakdown of what's out on the market.

Thermometer -- A meat thermometer is ideal if you are grilling any type of meat, because most packaged meat comes with a recommended internal temperature that can help you gauge at which point your meat is medium cooked, medium well cooked or well cooked. Thermometers are also beneficial if you like your meat a little more raw, because there is a health safety temperature with each type of meat that you must adhere to in order not to risk becoming ill from meat that is undercooked. Although you can use thermometers for any type of meat, they are best utilised when you are grilling a full roast, because that type of meat is thicker and takes longer to grill than a flat steak.

Rotisserie -- If you're doing a spit roast over your open barbecue grill, you can invest in a rotisserie, which is a metal skewer that pierces through a roast and allows you to constantly turn the meat over your barbeque grill. You can also roast chicken and racks of beef and pork ribs with a rotisserie, but if you're grilling an entire pig, you will need to upgrade to a whole animal rotisserie, which is longer and sturdier. Buying a rotisserie allows you to grill larger cuts of meat in a shorter period of time, because the turning motion of the rotisserie assures even grilling. And the portable nature of the rotisserie means that you can also use it on a fireplace or outdoors when you're camping.

Drip Pan -- Drip pans are containers that catch all the excess juice and trimmings that fall off your meat as you're grilling. They are beneficial to prevent the juices from splashing into your coals and dimming them or from igniting fire in a gas grill. But drip pans also allow you to collect the juices as the meat is cooking and use that as a marinade, especially if you're grilling with a rotisserie, so that the meat is flavoured with its own juices and remains moist on the inside.

Meat Injector -- A meat injector is a syringe-like accessory that you fill up with marinade, spices and herbs and inject into meat as it cooks on your grill. The injector penetrates deep into meat, such as a whole chicken or a roast, and allows you to fill it up with flavour without having to cut open the meat and expose the interior to air, which can make the meat dry.

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